The perfect way to spend your weekend, Paris

We love Vélib bikes http://( . You can find them everywhere in Paris and rent them easily. You can take the bikes wherever you like and return them somewhere else if you like. It’s a self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, 256 days a year. You can buy 1-day or 7-day tickets online or at Vélib stations.This way of transport will make you see more of the city than taking the Metro, which is also an easy way to travel in Paris. But the bicycle is more fun!

To experience the real French feeling, you start the day in the neighborhood Le Marais. Here you can find the authentic restaurant Les Philosophes A perfect place to sit down, eat your croissant and drink your coffee, watching people stroll by. In Le Marais it’s full of little boutiques where you can shop till you drop. Really cute area.

From here you can go many places, for example you can walk to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. A must when you visit Paris. Also near to Le Marais are Musée du Louvre and Le Centre Pompidou. A bit more to the West along the Seine you can find Champs-Élysées and more to the South-West the Eiffel tower. But don’t go too far because for lunch you must visit Café Charlot North of Le Marais. Also this is a perfect place to watch people. It’s a bistro, very popular among young hipsters, often seen on Instagram and other Social Media.


Even more North, near to Moulin Rouge you can go to Basilique du Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre. Not only the basilique itself is pretty to see, but from here you have a beautiful view over Paris.

For evening plans there’s many options as you can see below. We give you three.

1. The first one is going to Ober Mamma to make a reservation, the lines here are huge so keep that in mind. We made our reservation and were seated 3 hours later. Perfect gap to go to Perchoir, which has a lovely rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a drink, the view and the sunset. After our beers we went back to Ober Mamma on our Vélib bikes. Ober Mamma has the nicest vibe what made us sit here until closing time. After Ober Mamma we tried some more bars, but everything was closing up unfortunately.


Don’t forget, for fancy drinks in Paris you have to visit Hotel Costes. In this beautiful hotel there is a small secret garden where you will drink the most amazing wines.


2. The next day we decided to take it slow. So during the day we went to the beach along the Seine. This artificial beach is created temporarily each summer along the river. We were lucky to arrange some sun beds for ourselves and with our book and soda, we enjoyed the warm day in Paris.
In the afternoon we headed back home and made plans for the evening. We were still in a relaxed mood and it was still pretty warm out. So we decided to eat outside and went to Rosa Bonheur ( along the Seine as well. This kind of feels like a food festival, with tables and benches outside and standing in line for some sort of pizza truck. The atmosphere is very relaxed and people are just hanging out there, drinking beer and eating pizza. Catching up

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