Tokyo in just one day

Don’t get me started, Tokyo is amazing! Never in my life I have thought about visiting Japan really. I can’t really tell you why, but there were just other countries attracting me more. A sin I can tell you! I was in Tokyo for a short layover but had the day of my life. What an inspiring and overwhelming city this is. Let me tell you what we did, kind of a good schedule to be honest. Feel free to copy! Again, Citymaps2go is a good application for finding your way around town.


9AM – Tsukiji Fish Market. You can enter wherever you want and eat wherever you like! The sushi is the freshest I have ever had, the tuna melts on your tongue and the fish eggs explode in your mouth. Yum! Seriously, it doesn’t matter that its only 9 in the morning and you’re eating sushi, cause it’s the best sushi ever. If you don’t want to go somewhere random you can try to find these places, they have been recommended:

  • Umai Sushi Kan
  • Suijinja Shrine
  • Chuka Soba Inoue
  • Shoyu ramenNext to the market there’s the Hamarikyu Gardens (Y300), where you can sip some green tea at the teahouse.Then you will be going to the famous Shibuya Crossing. This scramble crossing is located directly outside Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit. Here you can also find Hachi, the faithful dog if you like.
    Head into the Starbucks for a good view. By the way, Shibuya is not only fun for the crossing, it’s also shopping mecca!
    Hungry? There’s some good ramen near Shibuya:
  • Kiraku
  • Suzuran
  • UsagiAfter lunch make sure you will head back to the station and take the train to Harajuku. One stop on the JR Yamanote line. So it’s also doable by foot.
    In Harajuku, walk down Takeshita Street and be amazed by how the Japanese can dress up. Wanna dress-up yourself? There is a very cool second hand shop called Chicago Thrift Store (, where they sell very pretty second hand kimono’s and other clothing you might be interested in.

From here you will be aiming for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings for a spectacular view over Tokyo, and who knows, if you’re lucky on a sunny day, you might be able to see Mount Fuji. But try to walk your route through Yoyogi Park. It’s a huge, tranquil park where you can walk towards the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings. Hopefully you take the route where you also will pass the wishing tree where you can write down your prayers and leave them there, for the monks to take care of them.

– Don’t point out things with your finger. You point with your whole hand, flat, fingers all closed to each other.
– If you give or receive something from Japanese, try to give of receive with two hands. That’s polite.

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