Who are we?


Two friends with one passion, travel! What do they do best? Explore and discover all the best places in the world to go.

Got time? A short trip with Merel

About: Merel

Age: 27

Based in: Amsterdam

Job: Cabin Attendant @ KLM

Goal: to visit over 100 countries

Guilty pleasure: muffins at breakfast buffets

I used to travel a lot. My first travels were during my gap year in Australia and South East Asia after high school. An internship during my studies in Bandung on Java also to travel more throughout Indonesia afterwards. Holidays in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica during my first and only office job. Spending all my days off  in one time!

In 2015 I gave myself another year of travelling due to as our generation likes to call it a ‘quarter life crisis’. This time I chose South America and started in the lovely city of Buenos Aires to work my way up to beautiful Colombia. There and then I decided that I don’t only want travelling to be a hobby anymore: it’s a lifestyle. Since 2016 I am happy and proud to be able to tell the world that I am now cabin attendant at KLM. In the short layover time we have, I want and try to see the most of the cities and I would love to share this with you. Check it out! And remember, the sky is the limit people!

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Got time? A short travel with Liline

Age: 25

Based in: Paris

Job: E-commerce assistant

Goal: Visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda // Surfing in Hawaii// Drive through Africa and dance at Burning man festival

Guilty pleasure:  Sugar in my coffee with

Restless is my middle name as I am unable to sit still, this is reflected in different ways. First of all I am a very active person, I like to run marathons or recreational along the Seine, as well I train three to four times in my gym. Physically and also socially I want to get the most out of myself and out of a day. A morning run, a good and productive day at work and a good glass of wine with friends in the evening seems to me like a perfect day. The other restless part reflects itself in my living situation, namely that I think I haven’t lived in one place for more than halve a year since I finished my bachelor degree in Amsterdam. I bought a house in 2014, to rent it out after 6 months of living there because I decided to study in Madrid. When I graduated I came across a job opportunity in Paris which obviously I couldn’t resist. As there will be an end to this project I am already looking for other jobs around the globe. My interest goes out to the African culture and lifestyle. Keep moving, open new doors and do new things because you’re curious. It will lead you down new paths.


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